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Run payroll online in just a few clicks & get your payroll taxes done right.

* Manage your payroll online anywhere, anytime
* Free 6-month risk-free trial
* Includes free Direct Deposit
* Get E-Pay & E-File at no additional charge
* No software to install (all online)
(QuickBooks Financial Software not required)

Plus, lock in 66% monthly savings at $9.95/month starting the 7th month.

The best online payroll solution for small business owners who want ease & convenience. More than a simple payroll calculator. This system is a full A-Z payroll Solution.


Intuit Online Payroll 

Intuit Online Payroll helps with your 3 key payroll tasks:

1) Pay employees with ease
Simply enter employees' hours & with just a few clicks, Intuit Online Payroll automatically calculates earnings, payroll taxes & deductions. Easily print paychecks from your printer, or use free & convenient Direct Deposit. Create Paystubs automatically.

2) Instant payroll taxes
Intuit Online Payroll instantly calculates federal & state payroll taxes. Helps keep track of what taxes you owe & reminds you when & how much to pay. Easily write a check or conveniently pay your federal & state taxes electronically with E-Pay at no additional cost.

3) Auto filled tax forms
Intuit Online Payroll automatically fills in the latest federal & many state payroll tax forms - just print, sign & mail, or E-File federal forms at no additional cost. Plus, receive helpful emails about tax payment & form deadlines.

Summary Review of Intuit Online Payroll Software

Revised by Neil Strassberg: Staff Review Editor,, 8/31/09

Intuit Online Payroll looks & feels like an Intuit product, as one would expect... familiar & ease of use, like Quickbooks & TurboTax.

In setup, navigation & aesthetics, Intuit Online Payroll blows its competition away. A step-by-step setup wizard, guides you through creating your company and employee records. A lot of simple clicking & filling in of blanks is required, but you'll feel more secure that you've set up absolutely everything from your business model, than if you use a competitor's setup.

During this process, you will answer questions like, "Have you issued paychecks during the year you plan to start using Intuit Online Payroll?" This lets their on-line service know where you are with payroll now. Intuit does fill in default info. for some fields, especially in the area of tax set-up, but lets you personalize as needed. For example, the typical unemployment tax rate for new companies is 3.4 percent, but you can easily make a change to that tax reate, or add local taxes. This is especially helpful if you're trying to run a payroll the same day you sign up, also reducing any possible frustration. PayCycle works similarly.

(*Additional note)  Intuit has recently purchased PayCycle, & will soon be incorporating the best of that system in to the current Intuit Online Payroll system... rumored to start in Sep'09

Intuit’s Online Payroll Service Offers Free Training & Learning on a Variety of Payroll Related Topics

By Herb Strassberg: Staff Review Editor,, 9/1/09

Intuit’s Online Payroll Service (OPS for short) offers users many type of free information on payroll related topics.  The information provided is especially helpful to either new businesses owners or small businesses that expanding from having no employees or operating solely with independent contractors to hiring their first employee. 

The services offered include an online employer education and support community on a variety of topics including Intuit’s Payroll Blog, Free Online Seminars, links to finding Local Accounting Professionals, and the Intuit Employer Community.  There is also a Payroll 101 area that provides business owners with handy definitions of commonly used payroll and tax management terms.  Intuit even provides a resources area with summary information and links to other websites that offer additional useful payroll and tax related issues.  In fact, there are links to all sorts of resources a small business owner would need including labor law posters, information on I-9 forms, and even guidance on workers compensation insurance.  It will definitely be worth your time to do some exploring of the Payroll Section on the website. 





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