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QuickBooks - Simple Start 2009
Simplest way to create invoices & track expenses

Easy-to-use free accounting software download to manage your business better.
Simple Start bookkeeping software helps you stay organized, prepare for tax time
& create invoices. Track & organize the money coming into & going out of your business. Start looking professional with help from QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Simple Start is the easiest way to track sales, expenses, & invoices. It’s super-easy to learn & use…no accounting knowledge is necessary. All your finance information is organized in one place, so you can easily stay on top of your business & be ready for tax time.

*QuickBooks is the #1 Small Business Financial Software

*3 out of 4 QuickBooks users agree it's really helpful during tough economic conditions. (Based on survey dated January 2008)

*9 out of 10 QuickBooks accountants recommend QuickBooks to their clients. (2 Based on survey dated February 2007)

*Over 3.5 million small businesses use QuickBooks for their business finances

*Track your first 20 customers

*From the makers of Quicken & TurboTax

QuickBooks Accounting Software is Free.
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Is QuickBooks Simple Start right for Me?
Revised by Neil Strassberg, Staff Editor,, 8/31/09

QuickBooks Simple Start provides small-business accounting features & essential accounting tools while leaving out more advanced features that may confuse or be unnecessary for the small business owner/operator. QuickBooks Simple Start is easy to learn & use, & is ideal as a long-term solution for sole proprietors & other very small business set-ups. QuickBooks Simple Start is a free download, many add-on service features can be purchased & upgrading to a full-featured Q.B. version when the business grows is simple to do.

What Does QuickBooks Simple Start Do?
Accounting with Simple Start takes less time to use than spreadsheets or pencil & paper accounting. Data is entered once, accounting reports require few mouse clicks, & small business tax information is automatically organized where you need it.

QuickBooks Simple Start provides the following in a simple manner:

* Prints Checks & Pays bills.
* Prepares estimates for customers or potential customers.
* Create invoices vial e-mail or prints for traditional mailing.
* Sales, expense & tax reporting.
* Options at additional cost:
o Accept credit cards with QuickBooks Merchant Services.
o Payroll subscription. (Discounted for 1st 6 months)
o Plus Pack includes checks, 1 GB online backup & training CD ($99.95 retail, compare prices & check for online sales).

Simple from the Start:
Every time QuickBooks Simple Start opens, the Start Page guides you through initiating small business accounting transactions. The Home Page provides a visual representation of a small business transaction cycle to make it simple to find the type of transaction you need to enter:

* Money In: sales, invoices, deposits, etc.
* Money Out: expenses, checks, refunds.
* Your Business: vendors, customers, bank accounts & profit & loss.

Quickbooks Simple Start Free Edition 2009 - Additional Features
Review by Herb Strassberg, Staff Review Editor,, 8/27/09

QuickBooks Simple Start Free Edition 2009 (Simple Start for short) comes with access to a multitude of free business related services and products that will prove helpful to many businesses; some are totally free and others are discounted services with special onetime discounts.  These are products and services most startup businesses need to compete in today’s highly competitive world – unless your business already has these things set-up. 

The services offered include an online support community that offers advice from experts and other users for almost anything accounting related, free website domain and hosting with an easy to use website design editor, video tutorials on how to use Simple Start, free Incorporation & LLC establishment (service fees waived for a limited time only).  Free guides are available on how to get your service or product to generate web traffic on the major search engines.  There are even a set of free online training videos and free business cards available.  If you are in the market for an accounting program for your business, it will likely be worth your time to download and install the Free Edition of Simple Start to gain access to the additional features that are available to you. 


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